Our Service to You

We offer you peace of mind, knowing that your home is being taken care of while you are away. 


--Dishwasher- check for leaks

-Garbage disposal-run, check for leaks

-Air Conditioning- make sure system is running and set to desired temperature

-Flush Toilets

-Washer and Dryer Check

-Refrigerator: check for leaks & make sure it is set to desired temperature. 

-Doors: make sure they are locked

-Windows-make sure they are closed and locked

-Sink-run and check for leaks

-Shower-run and check for leaks

-Bath Tubs

-Make sure doors and windows are locked

-Check for insects or pests


-Remove any trash or debris

-Monitor Pool & Spa water levels

-Check to make sure exterior lights are working

-Check for any damage or vandalism 


 Other Services by request

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